Sunday, February 10, 2008

going crazy

I always go crazy in the years we have elections. Be it either goverment or presidential I get nuts.
I think one of the reasons why it drives me crazy is to see all the money these people use to campagine for themselfs. I on the other hand think the money should be used for something more important like finding a cure for cancer or something.
Then I sit and wonder why is it England has a King and Queen for years and years and we on the other hand elect a new President ever four to eight years. You'd think that we would settle with one for a little longer than four years after all when a new person comes in they either have to clean up a mess from the previous President or finish a job started by the previous President. Now if we were like England somewhat and left our Presidents in office for more that 8 years at a time maybe then something would get finished. As it is its like saying yeah ok we made a mistake lets try again. only to find out maybe this is a worse choice.
Dont get me wrong please Im just voiceing my opinion be it right or wrong. Like I said I go crazy this time of year. All the stupid ads on tv, heck Im even getting E-mails from canidates telling me why I should vote for them. Even my tv has a survey on what I believe is important then they match me up to the canidate that believes as I do.
And dont get me started on those coming to my front door or all the stuff in my mailbox! I see where all their money goes .....right into my garbage can!


Walker said...

I was telling someone just the other day, they spend more money getting elected than they do getting paid for the job.

Walker said...

Oh and blogger is broken thats why :)

SignGurl said...

I'd love to have that kind of money to spend making the world a better place, only I would really use it for the better good, not just on stupid campaigns.