Sunday, February 03, 2008

Photo Hunt Sat - Narrow

This is my narrow garden. I have a larger one thats about 5 times bigger, but I heard these flowers grow any place so I planted them along side the garage. and believe me its a narrow spot. It actually looks bigger than it is in this picture.


SignGurl said...

I have those same flowers on the East side of my house. They are awesome because they don't let weeds grow.

LJ is soooo cute! Hope he had a happy birthday!

Little Wing said...

Aren't they called Iris's??
LJ really is a cutie pie!
Just stopped by to say hi!!!

gab said...

No these are day lilies. My Iris are in the big garden. Thanks we think so too its surprising that at 9 months old that one day instead of crawling he got up and started to walk! He just wanted to do what his big brothers were doing. Thanks for stopping in