Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just can't win!!!....update............ UGH!

UPDATE: I told you it was gonna is snowing here again. Dang it! I so wanted winter over. But see you brag too much about your nice weather and bam winter again. lol I checked the weather channel and we are only suppose to get about 1/2 inch to an inch so thats not to bad, I'm sure I can handle that!

You know time and time again things change. Change is good, well most of the time. This week Walker over at is talking about talking on cell phones while driving. I totally agree that people should keep their hands on the wheel and drive. That's what hands free devices were made for or Blue tooth. Get one of them if you have to talk on your phone while driving.
And there are many stupid laws out there like woman can't wear lipstick. (borrowed from Walker without permission)
So we all know there are plenty of stupid laws.
Mr Gab and I have been fighting the city for years.
It all started in 1975 when we bought this house. Our house is on a double lot on the corner.The city came to us shortly after we moved in. They wanted us to sell them one half of the lot so they could build another house. I told them no we bought this lot so we could add on to our house later on plus we liked the fact we didn't have neighbors sitting right on top of us. Well right away they got mad. They had thought they had a sucker and they were gonna make a bundle.
So first thing was any time we called 911 (like when a neighbor boy shot out my window of my car while my kids and I were sitting in it)They took their time showing up. When I had a small fire from our dryer and I called 911 it took almost 10 mins for them to arrive. Now mind you had this been a more serious fire where we would have lost everything I would have sued the damn city. The next thing was when we did want to add on to our house, everything we brought to them for approval was denied. Finally we cut down yet still made the house bigger and they approved it. Then when we wanted to add a garage Mr Gab went right to the city to find out how big we could go. They told him and he built a garage under the limits but it pissed them off because our garage is as big as our house. Next they complained of all the stuff we had in our back yard(well we really did have a lot) so they told us build a 6 foot privacy fence so no one could see anything in our back yard and we wouldn't have to worry. So we build a 6 foot privacy fence all the way around the back yard. What does the city do? Go aerial and now they are complaining about clean up your back yard. After we built the addition on the house we were still using the driveway in the front yard. They told us we couldn't use it. We said its a driveway it was there when we bought the house and we are gonna keep using it. So they "grandfathered" it in. Now they changed the variances and saying a driveway must be to a garage to be legal. So they want us to get rid of the driveway out front. They want us to return our yard to grass. I said that half of the yard was never grass it was a driveway from the day we bought this house and before. (yeah I'm stubborn and probably a little(alot)pig headed) But dang people get off our backs. What the heck ever happened to privacy? I mean really we aren't killing people or animals. We aren't selling illegal stuff. We are hurting no one yet they are constantly bugging us. Now they want to help us get a loan to improve our house. (didnt we do that when we put all new windows in and siding on)? Ok I agree we do need another bathroom in this house and if they are gonna give us a loan to use for improvment then we should get it right? It's one of those loans that they will give you for improvments and you dont need to pay it back as long as you live in th house. If you sell the house then you have to pay them back. Well, ok I can live with that. I believe that if there was 2 bathrooms in this house it might sell better. And it sure as heck can't hurt to have 2 while all 7 of us live here!


barman said...

Cities are terrible. My brother in law took three years to build his house. Partly because he built most of it. Partly because it is a big house. Partly because he did this part time. But a large part of it was the stupid city getting in the way all the time. They fought to put in a simple street to their driveway and had it OKed then pulled back. Another developer moved in where he was not suppose to be able to put in properties since they were to small. They moved the street he was building over against the BILs property line which ment no sidewalks. Funny, everyone is required to get sidewalks. They had tons and tons of things that had to fight with, then there were the stupid building inspectors.

I have been fortunate and only had a couple of run-ins with where I live and I have been here 9 years.

Make sure you check out that loan and make sure they did not sneak some clause into it that can cause you to lose your house. Somehow I would not be surprised.

SIMPLY ME said...

Thanks Gab, and good luck with your quest....

Little Wing said...

Gab, tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine!
Flying over your house in a plane?
That's so not right!