Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sat Photo hunt-PARTY

This weeks Photo hunt is "Party". So I have just a few pics from my oldest grandsons 12th birthday party. He had his party at a bowling alley.
Here are a few kids who attended the party watching the other bowlers, and eating pizza.

My grandson(whos birthday it is) is the one in the white t-shirt. The little guy in front in black T-shirt is also my grandson

Showing off his presents. He is holding the bowling pin he got for having so many people who showed up at his party. Every one who was there signed the pin. it is a real one not plastic or anything. And dang its heavy!


Morning Glory said...

Hi Gab, I just thought I'd stop by and say thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. If you're interested in the Woman to Woman forum, we will be starting it up again sometime this month. Check back for the announcement and topics.

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my Show and Tell yesterday. I love having new visitors! I wish I could have sent you my old percolator, but somehow the innards and cover got lost in the process of rescuing it from the recycle bin! Morning Glory is related to me, and she tried to get me to sell it on e-bay or saving it for something.

Two things in common - I'm from Minnesota originally. And - just today I realized I needed to check and see if there was a new Cat Who book out - then I came over here and found that it is your favorite series. They are fun for sure.

Come back any time!