Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump day everyone. It's the middle of the week again and these weeks seem to pass faster and faster. We are already into March. March people that's the 3rd month of the year. And it seems just like yesterday that we we were wishing every one a Happy New Years. And Day light savings time is moved ahead this year to this coming weekend. And Easter is at the end of this month. Is it because its leap year? I don't know if that's a factor or not. But it is amazing that we have already moved into the 3rd month of the year. The older I get the faster time moves. I don't want it to move that fast any more. STOP! SLOW DOWN! Whats even more interesting is the fact that yesterday my 2 oldest grand kids and I were talking and I said that they were tween.(well actually only 1 would be considered) Of course they tried to tell me there was no such word as tween. I said oh yes and the went on to explain how they were considered tweens. I don't remember if they had that terminologies back in my day of Being a preteen. Either way time moves to fast.

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barman said...

Time is moving way to fast. I have lost years I tell you, years.

I did some poking around. Tween is a word. I found it in American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language from back in 2000 so it is probably a new word. Basicaly the things I have seen called it a child between 8 and 12, basically a preteen.

Daylight Savings was changed so now on it will always fall this early here in the States. I am not sure I like it but I will reserve my opinion for now. As to Easter you do not want to know how they figure it out. I have found a very complicated formula in the past that calculates when Easter is. I found this ...

The canonical rule is that Easter Day is the first Sunday after the 14th day of the lunar month (the nominal full moon) that falls on or after 21 March (nominally the day of the vernal equinox). For determining the feast, Christian churches settled on a method to define a reckoned "ecclesiastical" full moon, rather than observations of the true Moon as the Jews did at the time. Eastern Orthodox Christians calculate the fixed date of 21 March according to the Julian Calendar rather than the modern Gregorian Calendar, and observe the additional rule that Easter may not precede or coincide with the first day of the Jewish Passover.

Say What???

Basically know it is somewhat based on the full moon and can not be any earlier than March 21. It appears from what I found it ranges from March 22 to April 18. Anyway, see I told you that you did not want to know. It is as bad as when election day is. Well actually worse but who is counting?

See now I am a tween. Between Middle Aged and Senior Citizen. It works all over the place.