Friday, March 07, 2008


I signed into my email this morning and I had 59 emails. Out of 59 new emails I had only 4 that weren't spam. 4!!! So why were the other ones that were spam in my inbox? Well I wrote Yahoo a while back because I had the same question. That and the fact alot of my good email was in my bulk folder! They tell me my setting are to low. So I checked, No I have it set at med just like it had been before. So I contacted Yahoo again and what did they tell me this time? Open the email and then hit spam or not spam for them to go into the right folders. Now why in the world should have have to do all that just to keep junk mail outta my inbox and good emails outta my spam folder?
Well this afternoon I went back into my emails and what did I find 102 emails in my inbox and 55 in my spam. and you guessed it all my spam was in my inbox and all my good mail was in my bulk folder! I give up. I dont want an email any more! You want me? You text me. You would probably find me faster that way than email anyways.
And how was your week?


barman said...

I received an email from you a while ago Gab. It requested me to join FanBox or answer a question. I forget the message. Anyway ever since I have been getting emails from people I do not know asking me if they can be my fan. I suggest you go to FanBox and delete your account there. I suspect that is at least part of you problems. I have deleted my account that was created.

barman said...

If you received something from me in email about FanBox, please delete it. I may have unknowingly sent out requests to people in my email to join. I hope I have since killed my account there.

Walker said...

I get heaps of spam and have to sift through 100 emails a day.
I have alot of it tagged but news stuff comes out all the time.