Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weekend report

Well I had a really good weekend. I went out and visited an uncle I haven't seen since my mom passed which has already been about 12 years. We had a very nice visit. I was able to sit and chat (and oh yes I did most of the chatting) without crying, without being a wreak.
Monday being St Patrick's day found me wearing the green. Two of my grandson's sprayed their hair green. Now most people have Corned beef and cabbage or Irish stew for dinner, but we hadn't gone shopping and no one had planned ahead so we ended up eating KFC! real Irish right? Now today I have to go to the doctors to find out how these new meds are working. I must say they are doing ok........but............I'm afraid they are only working because of the steroids. He will probably do what we did last time slowly take me off. I take 2 pills a day now so I suppose he will change that to 1 1/2 pills and do that for a month then drop it to one pill and so forth and so on until I'm not taking them any more. But I swear that if I get down to where I'm not taking them and I start having problems I'm gonna be mad. Because you see right now I can move more freely without pain that I have been able to since this all started. I can sleep at night with out tossing and turning in pain. I'm really scared the only way I'm gonna get that relief is by taking the steroids.
Then when I get home Im contacting a lawyer about some thing that is going on with my cousin. I won't go into it here and now, I want to see what I'm advised first. But it may get nasty and I hate that I have to do that to family but things got pushed and I need to find out fo my self what is proper. Unfortunally Im gonna hurt some in the proccess but its gonna happen. So there ya have it my great weekend, and St Paddy's day!


Walker said...

I hope reducing the pills doesn't bring you more discomfort.

You do what you got to do.
Sometimes the bad guy is family and I have been in that position before.
You got to do what's best for the whole especially if its the rifght thing to do.

I had an irish dish today to.

robinslife said...
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SignGurl said...

Steroids are really bad for your heart. That is why the doctor won't keep you on them. My step dad had a heart attack after being on a cycle of them. Steroids are the only thing that helped him as well.

Sorry to hear about you and your cousin. I hate when I hurt people I love.

G-Man said...

I don't think KFC is approved by the AMA either..hehehehe