Saturday, March 22, 2008

Im awake

Whew took a nap today....with Mr Gab. Yesterday he had to get up @5:30 am and go trucking. It wouldn't have been so bad had the weather stayed the way it has been but nooooooo it had to snow! I don't know why some people are surprised that it snowed again after all its still Minnesota and its also Basketball season. Basketball 3

When its playoff season we always get snow.

It never fails. So along with the crappy weather he had to drive semi. He was suppose to start work @ Holiday @ 2pm yesterday but he wasn't back from trucking. So for the first time since he started there he was late to work. He finally got there @ 3pm. and had to work until 6am this morning. He didn't make it home until 8am. Boy he was totally bushed.

Easter Basket So while he went to bed, I got up. I was only up a few hours came on the blog and after I did my little personal (B) blog I went in and layed down for a nap. When daughter knocked at almost 4pm I was surprised it so late. Of course as soon as I was up kids were asking can we color our eggs now? Painted Head

So I got out the cups and vinegar and got everyting set up for them all to color eggs. We had boiled them last night in between movies. The kids of course were home yesterday as it was Good Friday, so it was movie day all day long. WOW that was intresting. I promised we would still do movie night tonight Im trying to think of what movie we didnt watch yesterdy! lol Bunny I know there are alot we didnt see but gosh after a while it seemed like we watched them all twice! I look forwards to movie night with the kids and soon I will be able to take them to the theather to see a movie for movie night. The baby is with his daddy this weekend So the house is a little quiet. We made sure we coloured eggs for him too. Anyways I thought I'd stop in and wish you all HAPPY EASTER! Child Basket

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Walker said...

Its hard driving a truck and even more so in crappy weather.
My back still hurts from all the rattling it took over unpaved roads.

I don't have to color eggs for another month yet but it was always fun having the kids do it.