Friday, March 14, 2008

Sat Photo Hunt- I spy

I like this weeks photo hunt. I spy...with my little eye lol.
Ok so went I was at my dad's this week visiting, I was sitting in my sisters car at one point when I noticed some birds sitting in a bush in my dad's front yard. They blended in so well that I quick snapped a pic with my camera phone. I do hope you will be able to play along. If we have problems I will help you along best as I other words even though I know how many (3)birds are in the tree Im not sure even I see them all! lol You can enlarge the photo my clicking on it and maybe that will help.
I am early for this as tomorrow is another jammed packed busy day. And tonight is movie night with the boys and we are gonna watch the movie "Bees"

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SignGurl said...

I think I see 2...I think I do, I think I do.