Saturday, March 22, 2008

A little personal Complaining!

This blog is my personal complaining ground. if you don't want to hear(or read it) then don't come here. my title says it all I like to rant and rave. And I get mad alot! hence the title rants and raving of a totally mad woman. I was going to put of a totally pissed off woman but decided to go the calm way. although nothing in my life is calm. One thing that is 100% true is I love my husband, my kids (even when they do stupid things after all that's how we learn) and my grand kids. I love my immediate family such as dad, sisters, brother. All else I put up with because we are related period!

Some people think I'm stupid. They honestly don't have a clue. But that's ok let them show their ignorance. After all I raised my kids in my home.(mine were not taken from me) I did my best for them. They aren't perfect but what kid is?I married the father of my children and I am still married to him and we love each other! I did not use drugs I did not drink myself into a stupor. I did not steal. I was home for my kids. My mom and I got along.I did not get into it with other family members. I took care of my own. If you don't call that sacrifice well dang I don't know what you would? But then again some people fly off the handle at the stupidest little thing and jump to wrong conclusions.Well I don't play that game either. This is a I'm gonna complain and if you don't like it don't read it.But when you start pushing buttons be prepared to get slapped back.Oh and please please run to your daddy and tell him I'm not playing fair.Life is not fair. But I'm at least truthful. But the thing that makes me the maddest is when someone whom you haven't spoken to for over 20 years step into your life and proceed to tell you how things should be done. Heaven forbid if your children ever needed your help because your so selfish and think only of yourself they would be left to the cold.Do not tell me what I should tell my children to do. Do not tell me what you think I should be doing it's my life and if I want to live this way I'm gonna.How dare you talk to someone for 5 mins then tell them to stop drinking when they are cold stone sober and have been for several years.How dare you think that because your married right now this minute that your life is perfect. It isn't after all, think about what you did for years before.Have you ever lived in a shelter? A group home? In jail? Some people have to learn the hard way. You should have, but guess it went over your head.Your trying to make up your lost years by bring family together. STOP. if we wanted to be together and talk to each other we would have been.There is a reason why we don't "keep in touch"And by running to them to tell them what so and so said or did, well your no better than a 3 year old tattling on their siblings.For for gosh sakes when you say your gonna stop DO IT! don't keep dragging up stuff from the past or even from a day or two ago.get over it. Its done. At least it should be. And by making stupid digs about someone being stupid about something well hun look at your own life then tell me again I'm stupid. I am so done with this that as far as I'm concerned I do not know you and I don't want to know you. But knowing you as I do it will not end here.Because if it did you wouldn't have a life.


barman said...

Wow that sounds tough but you have to do what you have to do.

Despite all this I hope you have a nice Easter assuming you celebrate it. You have to at least do Easter Egg hunts, don't you?

I am off to celebrate with the family. Have a nice weekend Gab.

Walker said...

Some people are their own biggest fans.

You go rip em a new one.
We live as we wish to live and the best that we can.
You raise your family and sacrifice for them so you don;t need some stink from the past who doesn't know who you are today telling you where you went wrong or what you should do.