Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday

Kids went back to school today. They go to Weds then have the rest of this week off and all of next week.
Mr Gab went and had his hearing tested today. He needs one hearing aid, to the tune of $2,400. He's gonna get that ordered then go get eye surgery next week hopefully. That's another $1,300. We hope that both can be financed. If not then well not sure. He needs both pretty badly and shouldn't have put them off so long. But you know he was sending me in all the time to the doctors and he should have been going himself as well. I really hope we can get this all taken care of. (all donations will be gladly accepted lol)
Only problem we have trying to settle is getting a trip out home. We need to check on things. Even though the Police are watching it, we just like to go for peace of mind too.
We at one point had it figured out for last week then things happened, then we thought ok the week the boys are outta school but now hes gonna do the eye surgery. And even though you can get up and do stuff right away Mr Gab will want to pick up heavy stuff and well you know he's not suppose to. So its better that we stay at home. Oh and another reason to stay home awhile longer? Yeah the weather! Its still a little chilly to stay in the camper. And with this snow storm we just had the street we live on(at the farm where the camper is) well they just never plow it. and when the snow melts the road is real slippery and better to wait until real dry before attempting to go up it. I remember one year when this farmer thought he was gonna get in the fields early. Well, he did at his place but when it came to coming over next to our farm......welll he slid right into the ditch and almost toppled over. They left the tractor there for about two weeks then when it all dried they had a heck of a time removing it outta the ditch! The wheels had slide into the mud the mud dried and well now they were even more stuck than before! lol. But they finally managed to get it out and I bet he never tried to get in that field early again! I know even once we went up the road to early and after a mile and a half we decided we best turn around. God that was scary. we slid and I was so sure we were gonna end up in the ditch. How Mr Gab kept us on the road I don't know (not even sure if he knows) But we got turned around and headed back. When we looked later and seen the mess we caused man we were like how did we even make it out of there. So we just plain gotta wait. So that's another good reason not to run out there yet.
Well that's they update for today. Happy Monday!


barman said...

Oh man, will the bills never end? I can not believe the hearing aid is so expensive, yikes.

I once was in a car that was trying to go up the side of a mountain in Michigan when it was slippery out. We only got a little ways up and decided that we needed to turn around. We backed up just a little and next thing you know the car slid a little and did a 180 and we were pointed down the mountain pass, problem solved. The only problem... the driver did not do that, it just happened. We were so lucky.

Hopefully things will work out.

Anonymous said...

hate to tell ya sis but hubby says there is no snow out there they have been out to the camper on our property with no problems.

BTExpress said...

Seeing is more important than hearing, so get that first.