Thursday, March 27, 2008


Its been one of those days and I just want to crawl back into bed and cover my head and say go away please. And if its not over yet tell it to go away too.
It all started last night. It a really stupid story but in hind site my grandchildren may have learned some thing .................................but the hard way.
Daughter worked the hut last night again. So grandpa and I were watching the boys. Aj had gone out with his big and got back home around 8:45pm.
Tj was in the kitchen working on the wall. Now working on the wall is really he was pulling off tile. See when our oldest son and his girlfriend lived here, they took floor tile and put it on two of the kitchen walls! Floor tiles!
So every now and again when one was loose, we would pull at it. Well Tj asked if he could do that. We said sure just take your hands and pull them off.
After Aj got home he wanted to help. We said sure go ahead. After all they have to come off sooner or later. Little did we know that the boys had gotten a chisel. I was putting Lj to bed when I heard grandpa yelling HON get down here quick. So I picked up Lj (well all the noise woke him up)and went back to the living room. Where Aj was crying. after several attempts to find out what was wrong we learned that he had the chisel in his hand, and had gotten some tile loose and was pulling it when it ripped off fast and he hit himself in the eye with the chisel.
We looked at it, we didn't see anything bleeding other than the top of his eye lid. We tried to put ice on it but he wouldn't let us near his eye.
Bright and early this A.M. I had to take Tj to the doctors for a physical, for track.I told him it was simple and he wouldn't be getting shots. I should have not said that...he got two! They also took his blood for some tests. When I got home Mr Gab said I had better take AJ to the doctors too. Well daughter couldn't get him in, so I took him to Urgent Care. But their computers were down so they said to take him to Emergency room. So I drove over there very aware of the time as Mr Gab had to be to work at 2pm and he was watching the other 3 boys. We finally got out of there with just minutes to get home so Mr Gab could be on his way. They said he scratched the top part of his Corina, and he needs to go see an eye doctor tomorrow. They gave him some pain meds, put some salve on his eye then put a patch on it with some tape so he wasn't straining the other eye so much.
When I get home Mr Gab was on the phone almost screaming at the person at the other end. I waited a few minutes until they put him on hold and he showed me what he was talking about to the people who were on the phone with him. Seems someone has used my name and ran up a $1,000 cell phone bill. CAN YOU SAY STOLEN IDENTITY?
See I knew it could happen in a blink of an eye(no pun intended).
So now we gotta have this checked out and see where its coming from and what we can do to stop it and OH YES BTW we now gotta get our credit reports to see what else if anything is there thats not mine!
Did I tell you this has been one of those days? Quick where are the blankets? I wanna go to bed and hide.


Anonymous said...

OMG Just sounds like a bunch of hooey.. Can your life be truthfully that terribly bad.. was at sign girls site and noticed you in the sidebar. So I stopped by to see what was going on in the rants and ravings of a totally mad woman.
At least you have the heading to save you..But Just passing though honestly... No reason to park here, and read anything else..

gab said...

Im sorry you think that Anonymous. Yes my life is that good/bad/crazy. But you arent fooling me. Thanks for stopping AGAIN

SignGurl said...

Gab, I would want to crawl back into bed too. What an awful day!! I hope everything gets straightened out quickly.

I have no idea who anonymous is or why they were rude to you. Some people are just plain mean.

Walker said...

I guess if it can go wrong it has for you today.
I hope you get everything settled with the cell phone.

If they catch them they should sentence them to taking off the rest of the tile