Sunday, March 09, 2008

A great weekend & a prayer request.

I went up to my sister's again today because my other nephew was home from college. We all had a nice visit. I was going to do more visiting but I was still tired from our time change last night so I went home to sleep instead. Then I got a call from an old high school friend that I haven't heard from in years. We chatted and got all caught up when she told me that her husband was abusive. UT OH. What do you say to that? Well, ok I'm not experienced in that area but I could give it a shot. I said leave the jerk. Well, she said she was afraid to after all she has been with him for 10 years. This is her second marriage. Her first husband died in a tragic accident. They had been married almost 23 years when he passed. She married him when she was 17. They had one son together. She basically hasn't ever really lived on her own. She met the guy she's married to now at her hubby's funeral! At first every thing went ok they lived together for awhile before tying the knot. SO she went from her parents house to her first hubby home (he was 10 years older) then to her new boyfriends house whom she then married. And now she is scared to death of him. She has turned him in but has forgiven him every time and taken him back......not ok! and I told her so. I said you need to just walk away. She said she was thinking of moving back to MN and wanted to know if she could stay with me.? Oh great my house is exploding at the seams lol. I told her that I really didn't have room but if she came up we would find her somewheres to stay. I asked her if this was one of the reason's I hadn't heard from her in years and she said yes her hubby didn't want her to have her old friends from MN call her. I asked how she was calling now and she said pay phone. That explains the 1-800 number! I asked if she loved him any more and if there was any way what so ever they could work it out. She said no and no. He has broken her ribs, her wrists, 1 leg and given her so many black and blue marks over the years, that she is sick of it. I asked if she had money to get here. She said yes if he hadn't found it. Then she said her time had run out and she would try to call me later. And I had a dial tone.........I really worried about her. I started to think back to see if she mentioned a state or town from where she was calling. I don't think she did! I would probably called the police there had she said anything to clue me in, to check on her or help her out. I had asked about her son but all she had said was he moved on. Does that mean he doesn't keep in touch with her? So now I'm a little worried about her. I hope she will be able to stay safe. I in all my years with all my family and friends have never really had to deal with a abusive partner. Cheating ones yes abusive no! So I would like you all to please put a prayer out there that she gets away and comes up(over,down, accross whatever) here to MN. And that her hubby doesnt find out she called me and hurt her for talking to me. I'm sorry V I love you and hope you make it here ok.


Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my show and tell - I'm sorry the picture of the clock made you cry! But glad it gave you good memories. e sa one just like ours that was called a grandmother's clock, and we alays thought it was a grandfather. Doesn't maer I guess - we love it.

Come back again!

barman said...

Sorry about your friend. I hope she is able to get away from him and does not have second thoughts. I know it is hard to get away from someone that abuses people. I will be sure to add her to prayers. I hope she is able to come back to MN.

Little Wing said...

Gab I can not even imagine staying with a man who has broke ribs, legs, wrists and punched her black and blue.
That bastard has broke her spirit.
Believe me he doesn't love her, she is his punching back.
She has every right to leave him, and she should before he kills her.

Abuse is a sore subject with me.

I pray she has the strength to leave.

Walker said...

She has to go and not look back.
I don;t know about her moving to your place but your idea of finding her a place sounds better. I hope she finds the freedom she deserves and to livein peace without fear.