Sunday, March 02, 2008

Well Im not surprised

Ok I was sent an email for this and after watching it on u-tube I wanted to share. Im not sure what your opinion would be on this but as for me Im not surprised at all! It's a little long but worth the watch.


SignGurl said...

I don't buy it. I don't think that in our time we will ever see a world government. No on gets along well enough for this to happen.

I also know that one of the reasons we have soldiers fighting in Iraq is to protect our constitution and I don't know any American who would allow it to become null and void.

I do think that the government would love to have a better handle on what we are doing. This is why I feel we need less government involvement in our every day lives.

Just my two cents.

barman said...

Interesting but I am not one to buy into conspiracy theres. I mean parts of that are true but if something like that was reported main stream it would not have been easily forgotten if there was substance.

I also think it would be impossible to have a one government world, at least not any time soon. There are so many differences between us that I do not see how we would all be "as one" although I think it probably is in our long time future as long as we do not kill each other.

Oh dear, what I was saying in many way sounds like what Sign said. Honest, I did not peek. I just think most of it just is a little far fetched.

gab said...

Well I myself hope it isnt true. But then again justwhen you feel safe things happen! Lets hope this is someone taking several things from different tv ads and making this to look real.

Walker said...

I think the whole concept is true.
For as long as man knew there were more people over the hill they have wanted to take them in and bring them into the fold.
World domination has been the dream of many people and will continue until one day it will happen.
The have tried conquest at the cost of hundreds of millions of lives so why not use psychological tactics this time.

The media is the best weapon.
Before TV and radio the people in China had no idea what it was like to live in the west and the same goes for us.
We flood the airwaves with western culture and try to seduce others who don’t live like us to move in our direction and in some cases through revolution.

We have always known the Free Trade pact was a move towards unification of North America.
Even Leti who was here mentioned it in our talks one night and how the Chinese messed that up with their massive trade initiatives practically killing all of ours with their cheap labour.

One day the world will stand under one flag, it’s inevitable and for the better I think but I hope it doesn’t get to the stage where people are implanted with chips because this boy wouldn’t let it happen.
To me that would be the complete removal of my freedom and I’m not giving that up with a fight.

People hack into computers now, can you imagine if they managed to hack into your chip or if it gets a computer virus will Tylenol fix it?