Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hope you all had a good Easter

Well, today was a good day. Only our oldest son and our daughter and her boys were here for dinner. Because Mr Gab had to be to work at 2pm I put the ham on early. So that by a quarter to 1 we were ready to eat. Then Mr Gab showered and went to work again. He had just gotten home at 6:45am and really had gotten very little sleep. But when he gets home tomorrow he will get to sleep until 8:30 pm before he goes to work again. Well actually he will get up earlier. He has a Doctors appointment around 1 I think it is. But at least he will get more sleep than he did yesterday and today!
Left over ham which isnt a lot will go into split pea soup tomorrow. I really hope you all had a good Easter.
Have a good week.

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BTExpress said...

Ya gotta do, what you gotta do. I give a lot of credit to Mr Gab for doing it.