Monday, March 31, 2008

Well its over!

Mr Gab had the eye surgery today. The doctor said all went well, and looks good. He needs to get 4 hours of sleep now and put lots drops in. He goes back in tomorrow morning for a recheck.

And in other news, Aj the grandson who poked his eye with the chisel is doing ok. He to has to go back only Friday morning. His eye is healing better than they too had hoped.

And one more thing the person who stole my ID is being prosecuted. And yes there are other issues containing fraud. My credit report has several things that Mr Gab and I had thought were from long ago that we had forgotten about when in actuality isn't even mine. And yes we are at fault for not knowing what bills are ours and what ones aren't. But you must understand when we moved in 99 we thought all bill and what not's were settled. And what wasn't settled we thought had gotten taken care of while we were in SD. Little did we know that there was stuff from some place in California. Ive never been in California ever!!! Well now that's not quite true......I went though once with Mr Gab back when he was trucking. But that was a I did not buy a tv, a camcorder, a car nor rent an apartment! So with some deep digging we have to get this settled so that they will take it off my record. No wonder I have poor credit, And guess what? There was a warrant out for me....for buying all that stuff and skipping! Because I started investigating myself and got in touch with the right people I won't be prosecuted. I brought it to their attention that this wasn't mine. Its still gonna take awhile as I was told that I still have to prove that I am who I said and not the one who stole my ID. I was told that I have to be very careful of using a credit card(well I don't have one) and when we get those applications of getting a credit card that I need to shred it not just toss it. So to the person who put all my information on the web.....good job thanks for all the work I now have to go through!


barman said...

I have been shredding anything that has any identifying information on it for years. Still I have had someone steal my credit card information before. Not fun what so ever. Good luck.

Glad to hear the eye surgery went well. I hope he gets plenty of rest because I think the eye needs to heal and a little sleep will go a long ways.

Walker said...

There is to much information about us out there and there are people who know how to get better credit with our names than we can.
Now that's sad LOL

SignGurl said...

I'm so glad both guys eyes are doing well. That is a relief!

That totally sucks that someone stole your identity. That is going to take a while for things to get sorted out.