Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today is good Friday and kids are home from school. Driving me crazy.......... yes!!!!

Now on a different note. I have made a family member mad at me. But unfortunately I am in the right of what I was upset over. My lawyer has told me so. It all involves family tree information, pictures and passwords etc. So its upsetting and for that I'm sorry. But I need to protect myself as well as the rest of my immediate family.

The kids are getting excited about know all that chocolate candy. But I am looking for the true meaning of Easter, to teach the grandkids. I want them to know this is not all about candy, the easter bunny or the colored eggs. I have a great DVD's to use. So we are going to spend some time watching that today. I also have some great books that explain the true meaning of Easter.

Hope you all are having a good day.

1 comment:

Walker said...

I make family mebers mad at me every day, but the need me so they can't shoot me