Monday, February 25, 2008

I want boob reduction

Yes you read that right I want a boob reduction. I can hear all the men hissing and booing now, don't do it they are shouting at their computer. Even Mr Gab. I remember once time Mr Gab telling me anything more than a hand full is too much. Thing is Mr Gab has very large hands so to him its just right. But to me it's straps digging into my shoulders and pain. and now that they are starting to sag well.....let just say that small pert boobs are looking mighty good right now!
They say everything starts drifting south around the age of 50, and before mine drift too far I'd like to make em smaller.

Ok now for the bad news..........................................
I called the Dodge dealership and learned that what ever this thing is that's making my car not start will cost me 2 grand to fix! 2 grand? are ya kidding me?
I explained to her that when trying to start the car, the numbers flash(you know the mileage numbers)and then up comes something like no bus or no bu5. She explained that pretty much means that the engine computer isn't receiving any messages. Which means it doesn't receive the message to start! The engine turns over it just don't catch! Because the engine isn't receiving the message to start. Well now let's see 2 grand to fix the Durango or 2 grand to have a boob job? Which do you think I should spend the money on if I had it?


Sarah said...

I think you should whore out and get both.

She is 100% right about the computer and those things are a bitch to replace.. Im sorry honey.. If it makes you feel any better the car I bought a year ago is ... well..

I can only use the cd player if I have a bobby pin handy. I am so fucking cool

I want smaller tities too! maybe we can get a 2 fer discount!

gab said...

Would be nice but dont ya think we should make it a 4 fer discount? get it! LOL

Walker said...

I want you to know I have faited twice just by reading the tittle and had to get someone else to read the post to me.

Save the BOOBS fix the Truck.
Umm do we get to vote?

Enough with the joking.
health first boobs later, if they are a problem then you have to deal with it or you will have bakc probems as one of my Exs had carryinbg around her JJJs.
Here in Canada its free if it because of back problems.
Itys sounds like your modual control is shot.
Thy the junk yards first before you car jack someone in a Durango for their modual control LOL

SignGurl said...

My mom had a breast reduction 2 years ago. Her entire life from the age of 12 on was based on her huge boobs. You saw the boobs before you saw her. She had a rough time before surgery wondering if her identity would change. She ended up having the surgery because of back and shoulder problems. She says she wishes she had done it years before. She looks younger, taller and thinner with smaller boobs. Her insurance paid for the surgery after her doctor told her that her shoulder problems would never clear up without breast reduction.

Maybe your insurance will pay and then you can put your money into the Durango.

barman said...

Computers are a pain in the but. A while back I had a car that had a computer that controlled some things (it was a 1986 so it was not as sophisticated). Anyway it turned out the computer was not getting enough electricity once it had been running for a little while. When that happened the car would stall. Then 15 minutes or so it would work again. I was lucky and a friends husband had a shop the specialized in electrical things and he got me all fixed up. I am sure the dealer still would not know what was wrong with it if I had taken it there.

I can understand the boob job. I know most guys love them big (not me, I am weird that way) but you know what, it is not them that have to put up with gravity. Do what you have to do but man, things are just not being fair.

A 2 fer or 4 fer surgery... Add enough people and maybe you can get the price cut in half or more.