Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello again

Thanks to all who left a comment in my last blog who expressed that they would miss me and to not just give up. Because of you all I felt that after a small break I could come back and write more. See what you did? Now you asked for

So ok I took a small break. A really small break, but I'm back....sorta.
I came back to let you know house is not in foreclosure any more. Our daughter paid back the money she owed my dad and well I borrowed it from my dad. That with some extra money we had from trying to get caught up we paid our mortgage. to figure out where to get March's payment! lol
Mr Gab is hoping that trucking will pick up again. If not his plans are to keep working at the station, and get his eyes done. Lazar surgery. Then once he is back to work we will move on to a trucking company for over the road. He will be gone again but at least we will make enough to pay the mortgage on time. and maybe even pay other bills. lol
I'm not looking forward to it but, it will work out ok. I don't mind his being gone, its the worry about him driving on ice, getting in an accident all which can happen here even now just that he will be in a rig.
I went to the doc's again and He put me back on the steroids plus another pill. Now this new pill is kinda neat in one way, I only have to take them once a week. Did you catch that? Them?
I have to take 8 pills one day a week. At least they are small pills. So my arthritis is actually not doing so back....well except for today where I did some cleaning and dishes and other stuff (in other words I did to much all at once) But I'm feeling a whole lot better. And if you are all good and really want me to write more I will.


SignGurl said...

I'm so glad that you are out of foreclosure!! I know you must be jumping for joy.

I'm also happy to see you blogging still. It really is theraputic. It gives you a place to lay your brain, lol!

Have a great weekend, Gale!

Little Wing said...

Gab soooooo happy to have you back!!!!!
Look, signgirl is so happy she is standing on her head!!!!!!!
Glad you are out of foreclosure and feeling better.
Please keep blogging, I will be good, I promise!!!!

barman said...

Yea she is back. Glad you posted. Nice you are feeling a little better. Hope they get things figured out so you do not have to take so much meds.

Glad the house is safe for the moment. I know I am doing OK but should I lose my job, I would be in trouble real darn fast. Having trucking be slow is like losing a job.

I am not sure why Mr Gab is going for LASIK but I know they generally like to have younger eyes. I had mine done they gave me a hard time when I went in when I was just a little over 40. They said that the chance of me not having to wear glasses was not good. I most likely would need to wear reading glasses. I fought it as by rights I should have been wearing reading glasses.

Now I am 50 and my vision is not as good as it was when I was early 40s but I still do not need glasses except for reading. For a while my eyes were dry and that made it so things were not real clear. Also, I need more light than I needed to be able to see well now. Of course all of this may just be because my eyes are getting older, duh! So I would just make sure the doctor thinks this is a good idea.

Sorry for the book.

Walker said...

Great news about the house and I hope you can stay afoat.
Trucking is hard I have done it and its murder on the back.

I am happy to see yo blogging again.
Have a great weekend :)

G-Man said...

Just keep typing Gale!!
Like Sign said...It's very therapeutic....
Glad you are back sweetie, and thanks for being such a great friend!