Saturday, July 14, 2007

Its really hard to be a grandma

Sometimes its really hard to be a grandma. No matter how many times you tell a grandchild that you have love in your heart for all of them and not more for one or another they still tend to think that you love them less.

My oldest grandson is feeling very left out these days. I am spending all of my free time with his two younger brothers.
I try to get the older two involved but a lot of times they think its work and are very unhappy about helping even a little.

I try to take the oldest two out just by themselves but some times things don't work the way I'd like and I have to take all 4 or if I take one or both of the older two it isn't for much time by ourselves.

I just want to make it clear to all my grandchildren that I love no one best because I love you all the same...You each are special in your own way which I tell you about often. And I tell you the same thing each time I tell you I love you

I love you from here to infinity and beyond. I love you this much and this much and I wrap my arms all around you with all of my love.


S E E Quine said...

` Does it bother you that I'm getting crazy suggestions in my head that include things like 'split in two like an amoeba'?
` If so, please contact the Martian that is telepathically communicating with my brain. Thanks ;)

Ba Doozie said...

consider yourself Nab'd!!!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

It is very hard when you have so many grandchildren and it is about the same when you have children. You know you just seem to click better with one or two better than with the others no matter how HARD you try not to let it happen. We have 7 grandchildren...One we never see. I have my favorites and I am here to confess that right now. But i think personalities are the thing here. I do LOVE THEM ALL though!! Thanks for stopping by...Blessings, Sandy