Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Awwww I love puppies!!!!

and if I could I would buy every puppy I see.........but you know I would probably go broke and then poor puppies would have to go away.

But I do love puppies and I do want one! and here is the one I want....Her name is Diamond! and just like a Diamond she is precious.

I go to : http://www.scottspuppypalace.com/ alot to look at puppies. I also enter their contest to win things.

I went today and found Tux....OMG he is soooooooo cute!
they also have other puppies, not just Yorkies......but I'm looking for a Yorkie as my next dog.

But now my biggest problem is if I could today which one would I choose? Diamond or Tux? Well let me tell you if I had the money right now today I would take them both! After all Diamond would need a play mate and who better to fill that position than Tux?
If you are looking for a little friend to join your household take a look at: http://www.scottspuppypalace.com/
because I know you'll fall in love just like I did......Oh and let them know I sent ya will ya!? Thanks


Marks Dorcel said...

What a cute and small pets. The photo in which you have carry him in your pocket jeans is really nice and funny. I have share it with my friends.

Texas Yorkie Breeders

Walker said...

They are both cute.
I am more of a cat person but saying that i have 7 lizards a dog a snake and a big ass spider that no one wants to go near ha ha ha.

GAB said...

lol I hear ya walker right now we have two cant bunch of spiders and who knows how many mice......getting tired of those mice....and yes the cats are catching them but it seems like for every one comes 3 more just not fair. I really want a dog but Jack says we gotta wait till after June!