Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's been awhile and things have changed

So it has been awhile since I've been here. And some things have changed and boy do we feel like fools.
I don't like to be negative about certain things but lets start at beginning.
I think my biggest mistake was posting our plans on Face Book.
Yes I think that's where it all may have started.
Back in June we were counting the days till hubby retired and we moved from MN to SD then on to FL. We were looking forwards to retiring in the sun. And yes I posted this on Face Book. Well about the time we were going to leave we got a frantic call from our granddaughter's mother saying she needed a twin size bed frame and dresser for her daughter. Ok well we didn't have a twin size frame but we did have a queen one plus mattress and box spring so we asked if she wanted that. She said yes please. And we had extra dressers after all we are moving and so getting rid of one dresser won't hurt us. So we were looking for someone to help us load it and no one came to help so hubby and I did it ourselves! Big mistake. But we got it loaded took it out there to their current place they were living and waited for her. When she finally came out she was so "flaky" (ok higher than a kite) that trying to get her to help was out of the question. And she wouldn't tell us what to do with the stuff. She kept wandering around saying I've lost my keys and she was looking through her trunk and stuff in her trunk all the while her car door was open and it was binging because the keys were in the ignition!!!
We looked at each other shook our heads and waited. Finally she told us to carry the stuff inside. US? are you kidding. In the end as we were unloading someone did come out of the house and help us. BUT OMG DID WE BOTH HURT!! I can't do steps nor lift and hubby was having some issues with some hip pain.
The next day I get a message from a woman who is a friend of our granddaughter's mother saying she has our granddaughter and that she took her away from her mother because her mother was so high on drugs she didn't feel it was safe for our granddaughter to be there. Then she wanted to know if we could take her. Well of course we can. SO there goes our plans. We get our granddaughter and first off she has no shoes and really has no clothes to speak of so my daughter goes out with her and picks out a few clothes. Then I take her shopping and get her some pj's and stuff she needs for personal grooming. A few days later after she is settled I take her over and get her hair cut and styled. Now she looks more like a little girl not a rag a muffin. She tells us her mom took her to a bar and that's why she didn't have shoes. HUH? Well we got a sorta story out of her and the woman who brought her but the thing that matched was granddaughter's mom was on drugs and her boyfriends were beating her up.  SO now here comes my birthday and we always go to South Dakota for my birthday. But now I've got Kelley. I finally get a hold of her mom and get permission to take her to SD with us and get permission to take her to the doctors if any thing should happen but I learn that some of my own children, including one of my grandsons can't make the trip. So I stayed home and had a party at daughter's house. It was fun but we didn't go see fireworks. and that was the not so fun part. I mean when your born the forth of July fireworks are a must!
So what happens next? I open my big mouth and tell oldest son who happens to be Kelley's dad that him and his girlfriend can move in for 4 weeks. NOW I CAN"T GET THEM OUT! And they think we are moving out and letting them have the house! NO WAY IN HELL. BEEN THERE DID THAT ONCE and they ruined the house!!! Ok son not this girlfriend but Kelley's mom and oldest son are the ones who ruined house so why would I in God's name let oldest son and THIS girlfriend have the house? NO FREAKING WAY!
So school is about to start........and I have no way of getting a hold of Kelley's mom. So I start to get Kelley enrolled in school when all of a sudden I get a message on Face Book that she is coming to get Kelley! Great. So I don't get paperwork done I don't get information I need to give school and then what happens? I get new message today "I have no place to live that place fell through please get Kelley registered for school" yeah her appointment is tomorrow at 9 and I am missing some paperwork. But I will explain once again. Oh yeah and I think we've been used through this whole summer as a babysitter for Kelley mainly so her mom could have a "good time" and not worry about her daughter......why you might ask.....I just learned our son has been talking to her this whole time yet telling us she doesn't have a phone or any way for us to get a hold of her! Mr Gab has been stressed to the max so much so he has been to the hospital and spent the night for observations. his blood pressure was high and he had some issues with "rocks in is ear being loose" ok that's what they  called it in the hospital. Look it up it is called crystals. causes dizziness and nausea. I know we will get Kelley in school for now we might get social services involved. all I know is I didn't want to stay here another winter yet it looks like we will be!!! Yeah I'm pissed. But granddaughter comes first really and right now I see her being used as a pawn in all this and I think she is the one that's gonna get hurt.And if I can stop that Im gonna!

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Walker said...

Family is a pain in the ass and i know first hand.
You and Mr gab know how to be responsible it's a shame the others haven't got a clue how.
Maybe its time for some tough love.
Tell them to get out of your house, grow up and be parents and get rid of the damn facebook account.
It's a curse.