Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guess What?

Well, if any of you are on facebook you already know my news. I went to the doctors yesterday and my BP is finally down to normal. yay! Got new meds to try for when I do PT yay! AND BIGGEST of all our youngest son has finally moved out .......we can finally go through that room and get rid of stuff and pack the rest up......Mr. Gab has finally said hes had enough and we will be going back to South Dakota....pack up our stuff there and head to Florida!!!!!! Finally. Oh happy dance Oh happy dance lol.

I am so dang happy......Ive been waiting so long to get back to SD. I love SD in the summer time (even though it can get HOT!!) But I'm having troubles with the arthritis in the winter time so I wanna be in FL.

Yesterday City of Bloomington came out here OH MY!!! Ok but lets back up a little...earlier this month City of Bloomington came out here and said some one has complained that you have a car in the back yard...... well hell if we did so what? we have a 6 foot high fence that hides every thing....(back a little again) we used to have several cars in our back yard City of Bloomington told us to put up a 6 foot fence so no one could see what we had in our back yard. So we did....but when we moved to SD the first time we got rid of all the cars...........But when our oldest son and his friends stayed here they dumped all kinds of crap in the back( including a car that his then girlfriend wrecked) and and we are still trying to clean it up!!!! WHY you might ask is it taking you so long? well first off they had metal and plastic and rope and broken trees branches and who the hell knows what else all in a pile about 4 feet tall. So because of all the rules of how to dispose of stuff we had to go through every thing and separate it. and that wasn't easy. So now fast forwards to earlier this month when they had a complaint that we had a car in our back yard....well hell anyone who uses Google Earth can see a car in our back yard and the pile.........so we figured that's where they went then complained to the city. So when they came back out I took them to the back yard and showed them there was NO CAR!!!!!! and the pile in like 1 foot tall and we are still separating it all. We have old garbage cans full of aluminum and cans and branches etc etc. So they said we will be back in a month. SO ok fast forwards to yesterday... they came out to see if we had done any more work in our back yard.......Mr. Gab answered the door.....he went down their throats and ripped them anew one.
he's like ok first its now winter and cold Im not working with metal in the cold how nuts do you think I am? and second you came out here because of a car in back yard which we proved to you we didnt have now go bother some one else and leave us the hell alone....he started to give them all kinds of stuff about other neighbors(something we never usually do but he was pissed) and said go bother them some he goes we will clean it all up in the spring till then leave! OH I'M SO PROUD OF MY HUBBY!!!!! This man usually never looses his temper but when he does look out he gets PO'D. and man oh man City of Bloomington sure caught hell yesterday from him. I expect a letter from them in the next few days of stuff we gotta do.....Im sure they are not happy with us especially after Mr Gab gave them hell. LOL

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