Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I am royally pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I'm the mom of a son who is a drunk and an addict who can't keep a job and spends a lot of time in jail. I AM NOT PROUD OF HIS BEHAVIOR!!! I am however proud of my son in other ways.

He has given us our first granddaughter. Now this little girl is spoiled rotten and I truely mean rotten.
however as a grandma who loves her granddaughter I do spoil her my self on occasion.


We had an incident a few years back where our granddaughter's mother took her away from us for 3 whole years. Then one day she called and asked if we would like to see her. OH MY GOD YES OF COURSE WE WOULD. So she said that granddaughter had a school play coming up if we wished to attend. So we went and watched our granddaughter preform and oh what a little performer she was. Then her mother says how would you like to have her stay over night?
YES OF COURSE WE WOULD. So she got to spend the night.....

Well little by little our granddaughter started to stay more and more. We learned she was on several medications to control her sleeping waking and staying awake so forth and so forth.

Then her mother had to move ...she moved farther south from us but she worked right her in our neighborhood ( well about 10 miles from our home in a near by city) so she said I would like to enroll her in school your other grandchildren go to and have her ride the bus to your house and have her stay till I'm off work. Ok that could work. and so we started. But then it got to be really late at night when she was picking her up so she started spending the nights with us and I was sending her to school every day. Then she would go home on Weds only to come back Thurs and then go home some time Friday. Her mom has Friday off. Well it was seeming like I had her more than her mother did. THEN THE BOMBS DROPPED!!!!!!!

1) Her mom was talking to me and she said "I'm so glad your here to help as my mom doesn't like her and doesn't want her at her house any more"

are you kidding? What grandma would not want their grandchild? THEN CAME THE KICKER..............granddaughter tells me herself her other grandma hates her and doesnt want her around any more.
How can you say that to her face? I will agree that she has times when she just exacerbates me to no end but I still love her and want her.

2) granddaughter was talking to me and she says" My mom told me I'm so bad that I'm gonna go to a home for bad kids because no one wants me not even my mom"

So I say to granddaughter well if your momma doesn't want you and she's gonna put you in a home tell her she can put her in my home because I WANT YOU! AND I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

I can see why granddaughter is on so many different medications. I would be that screwed up my self if some one told me that no one wanted me including my own mother.

So I have her alot now and yes there are days when even I wish she would go away but I never tell her that to her face I just some times loose my cool and yell at her but I aways and I do mean always hug her tell her I love her and explain why I got upset. That what she has done is not acceptable here in our house and she needs to know that we won't put up with that sort of stuff and no matter what we love her. Its been a tough battle as she has done so many things that no one has bothered to tell her not to do and she is so spoiled that she whines when she doesnt get what she wants. BUT we put our foot down alot and tell her no alot and so far every thing is going ok...not perfect but what kid is?

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