Friday, February 17, 2012

well its about time

Mr Gab and I have finally decided that its about time to do what we want without kids, grandkids and everyone else who seems to be caught up in our lives.

He wanted to really wait till he turned 62 to retire early (funny thing though just about 8 months ago he was talking about working until he turned 69) But his aches and pains have caught up with him. and he just wants to rest now.
He has gotten his own laptop......he plays on Face Book (lol I got him addicted) we also play on Pogo. And yes we both pay for it. We didn't start out paying but when all these interruptions kept happening while we were trying to enjoy a game Mr Gab said oh hell pay for it. There has been several times we didn't because money was to tight and two of our three kids would pay it just to keep us happy(or so they said).

So we have talked and talked about what we should do.....I still want to be in Florida. BUT then again I love the farm.......wide open spaces no close neighbors (closest neighbor 1 mile in any direction which is a-ok with me) But the winters can be really bad. So then we talked about summers in SD and Winters in FL. well, yes that would work. Mr Gab also talked about buying a rv but neither of us can agree on a small one or one a bit bigger. One on top left is smaller one one top right is bigger one. Well of course money plays into it But I said if we sell everything we could buy either one. then again if we sold the farm as well and bought the bigger one we could just live on the road.
One thing we both agree about is we DON'T WANT LEATHER SEATS! Cloth is just fine for us.


G-Man said...

Just don't 'buy the farm' OK?

GrumpyRN said...

Only in America would the one on the left be called 'smaller', it is enormous compared to the camper vans we have in UK. Enjoy yourselves while young enough and fit enough to do so.