Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Just a quickie

Ah Ha caught you lol..........You looked at title and went right to the gutter!

Nope today just a few quick words about what I have to do. First off this morning I'm going to go get a shot in my left shoulder to try and loosen it up. Then I have to stop at my regular doctor's office and see her to set up to go see a spine specialist. Why you might ask well it seems that after several weeks of PT my PT doc has finally understood what Ive been telling her all along that I'm having difficulties in walking and standing. That after just a few mins I collapse! So now with that in mind she has written a report to my doctor saying that she doesn't believe she can help me with PT! Not that I didn't try god only knows how hard I tried hoping against hope that I would be able to do PT and some how all would be well.

I shall report back to you tomorrow


G-Man said...

Your fallin apart Girl!
Pull yourself together....:-)

Walker said...

I hate exercise. Working around the house should be enough.
I understand back problems as i have a could of screwed up disks in my lower back