Thursday, February 02, 2012

Time again

Well its that time of year again when they ask the groundhog if he sees his shadow or not.....if the weather is any thing like here the answer will be NO he cant see his shadow. Because its so foggy here you cant see a foot in front of you. So lets see what that means: a shorter winter right? he sees it means 6 more weeks of winter and not means winter is almost over!
LOL grandsons and I were just talking about that yesterday how no matter what the groundhog sees or doesnt see we will have about 6 more weeks of winter. From Feb 2 you count out about 6 weeks which puts you about middle of March or about the 17th of March which is about end of winter so why do we ask a groundhog how much longer we will have winter when we all know it will be 6 more weeks of winter either way

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G-Man said...

Gabby Gale...
I love SD myself. Sturgis, Rapid City, The Badlands, Deadwood...
Ahhh, what memories!
The Groundhog is usually wrong anyhow!