Thursday, February 09, 2012

ahhhh quickies arent they the greatest?

Yes quickies are a lot of fun they are fast and get the job done! course it all depends on who your talking too. Some will say a quickie can leave you wanting more...a quickie can only satisfy only a little and makes you wish for the real thing.......ah yes quickies are just that quickies. lol

Well as you may or may not have guessed I'm Back to writing my blog. Life can be so frustrating at times that you want to pull out all your hair. Now this can be hard for a cancer patience.
I have a friend whom I sorta knew in High School all those years ago. When I found him again it was to learn he had a very rare form of cancer. We connected and chatting getting caught up in each others life and then all of a sudden he wasn't there any more. I know not what happened. I of course freak out and run to check the obits and only find a listing for an old neighbor we had years ago. That got me thinking even more. Where is he? did he get worse? I wonder daily and I pray. Funny thing is some days I try to bargain with God and tell him make me sick and him because he still has so much life to live where as I see myself done at times. All I know is I miss him and worry.

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