Monday, February 06, 2012

Point A

They always say the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line. But in life that straight line always has some detours.
Our oldest grandson who is 16 finally got to be with his dad again 3 years ago only to learn he has a little sister. Well that was ok as he already had 3 brothers so a sister was a nice change.
Then his dad and his step mom and sister moved way up north. So now visiting was only during the summertime. The last year his dad was talking to him and said a few things that had him wondering what they meant. So he came to me and said Grandma if some one said this to you what would you think it meant? and then he gave me the clues. I said oh honey that's easy they are going to have a baby. At first he was a little upset. But then he got all excited maybe he would get another sister to even things out. So things went along then one day he came to me with the saddest face I ever saw. I asked whats wrong. First he said nothing. I said honey I know you better than that whats wrong. Then he told's gonna be a boy. Oh I said another brother. Then I said well look at it this way you are getting another brother yes but he will look up to you like your sister does. That made him happy.
when his new little brother was born he was on top of the world. He kept txting them to find out all the details like whats his name. Then he would txt and say how about timothy......which is his name. Almost 3 weeks after the baby was born they said his name was Ethan Tyler. Oh I said ET phone home...........OMG my grandson flipped out on me. You are saying my baby brother is an alien that means you think I am!!! Oh man he takes stuff so literally. So I had to stop teasing him about his brothers initials being ET. We call our grandson by his initials which are TJ. but I guess we wont be using ET for his new brother,

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Walker said...

What's wrong with ET?
I bet it catches on and that's what everyone will call hi. ha ha ha