Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Hubby

Mr Gab has an old laptop that was held by electric tape and looks like some one had took a screwdriver to the keyboard area fact half the time the keyboard didn't work. So when we got taxes back I told him go get a new one. Well, first he looked online at Dell and then he looked on E-bay and then looked at Walmart online and Micro Center online. I have been asking when he was gonna go but he just kept putting it off. Then on Friday the breaks went out on my car. And wouldn't you know it it gets too cold to work on the breaks. So today He decides to go look at laptops. And low and behold he bought one. We got home and he's raving about the fact its so thin and runs so fast. He doesn't have to hold it just right to get it to work and he can now play games on facebook faster than before. when he clicks it actually goes right now....before he would click and take a nap before it would start moving. I was just plain laughing over the joy on his face at having a "good" laptop. Ah what money can buy.

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