Sunday, February 19, 2012

No school tomorrow means sleep over tonight

Instead of me having a quiet night alone while Mr.Gab is at work I have all 4 boys. Now to understand this is simple...Im giving daughter a break so she doesnt have to get up so early to drag them over here since there is no school tomorrow...President's day. She has had to take her oldest son all last week and will have to again this week. His first class is at 6:50am so you have to get up at about 5:30am or 5:45am to get him there on time.(I got up at the 5:45 time as I live closer to the school.) Now granted your saying why are you getting up at all? Well our oldest grandson has been living with is living with us. So I get him to school. Now the reason daughter has his again this week is my Durango doesn't have any breaks and I mean NONE! First time I drove it when I discovered no breaks I was alittle confused as I had drove it just that morning to take grandson to school and everything was aok then. So after we got back home when I discovered we had no breaks Mr Gab looked at it and found no fluid in the thingy. Which means there is a hole somewhere. But last week Mr Gab had fallen at work and was too sore to get down to work on th breaks. Then we also had a cold snap where we finally got winter tempatures. So he couldnt go out then. He works all this week until Friday so grandson has to stay at his moms for another week. Because Mr Gab doesnt get off work till 7am a little to late for grandson to get to school on time.

I on the other hand had a break from getting up early last week and will again this week so I figured I would give her one day as its a holiday and the kids will be already home.......maybe I'll get lucky and they will sleep in........better since its so late now........why am I up? KIDS BEDTIME

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