Friday, February 24, 2012

Still here

I've still got a cold!!!! I would say it's not as bad as it used to be but what the heck is that really saying? I'm still nose is still running...and my throat hurts like the dickens.....oh wait my eyes aren't watery any more that's an improvement.

My biggest thing of the pills I take give me gas........really really bad gas! NO Not necessarily smelly....just a lot of it. I cough I toot.....I sneeze I toot...... hell I just plain toot toot toot toot.
I've tried to stop each pill for a couple of days but haven't figured out yet just which one is the culprit of course there are about 3 pills I can't just drop for a couple of days but those pills I have been taking for while so I don't think they are the cause.

So I guess I live with it. I don't think taking something like Beeno would be a good idea.

I also seem to be burping alot............and I'm so damn tired of saying excuse me all the time.! Mr Gab passes gas and does he say excuse me HECK NO!!!! So why should I have to? when he's here and I pass a little gas he either glares at me till I say excuse me or he makes this noise like "are you kidding me that's disgusting" So its like I don't hear you saying anything when you do it and its a normal body function yet I get the dirty looks.

I guess I need to go outside or something to make him happy!

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