Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Ok breath in out deeply NOW YELL AT TOP OF LUNGS..................I swear the more I learn the more I wish I could do .........................

Ok so you may or may not have heard about we have our granddaughter alot. its kinda like this she comes Monday spends night till weds when she goes home with her mom then comes back Thurs after school and goes home Friday with her mom. OK? OK!................But here's the deal (what Ive learned in the last week...........

Granddaughter is on meds (or suppose to be) she hasn't been on them for over a week now.......granddaughter is really off the wall..........we are trying trust me but its getting harder and harder....................granddaughter's mom told Mr Gab on Friday that she was waiting for Medical assistant to come through because these pills are really expensive...........ok we can understand she move from one county to another and has to reapply right?

Now here's where it gets dicey..........................
Our oldest son shows up Monday and says that granddaughter's mom isn't getting granddaughter's needed pills because she wants to have granddaughter committed into a hospital.........then he yelled at his daughter and asked her why she ate a whole bag of sugar on Saturday?! WTF???? so I wait and hear" mom wouldn't get outta bed and get me something to eat and there was nothing else and I was hungry" Her dad our son got mad and yelled at me. I'm like I didnt get involved with her and have a child with her and he's like you dont understand mom all she wanted her for was to collect money she tried that with her first kid and look what happened she lost him and has to pay her x-boyfriend child support so she figures she can get me to pay her because of our daughter. He goes I buy her what she needs but I wont give her mom the money otherwise she spends it on stuff like massage and crap like that. So I said well if you buy her what she needs then why was she eating a bag of sugar because there was nothing else to eat. Well of course no answer for that!!! I just hope some how some way stuff gets changed but it may be awhile

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Walker said...

I am sorry you hve to go through ll of this.
This is something for your son and his ex to deal with.
He shouldn't be yelling at you or his daughter.
He has to be the responsible one if his ex is irresponsible.

Mine took my kids away from me and it took me 17 years almost to see my eldest again and that wasn't until welfare cut the EX off and she through the kids out because she wasn't getting any more money for them.

Personally, i think if you can't take care of kids you should have the ability to have them.
You raised yours it's their responsibility to raise their own now.
Excuses are not solutions and either is pointing the finger.