Saturday, December 15, 2012


What happened yesterday was just plain terrible. A gunman went into a school with a gun and killed innocent children and adults. Kindergartners  5 and 6 year old's. Kids who still believed in Santa. Who most hadn't even lost their first tooth yet.  And why? for what reason? No one knows and we may never know. The gunman killed himself as well.....and his mother. The whole thing is just stupid. How does this happen? So many unanswered questions.  I pray for the families. I hug my own grand children even more. I wonder should I send them to school? Could this happen here? We all take it for granted we send our children off to school thinking its one of the safest places for them to become adults......not to die. It made me so sick and scared. I cried. I cried not just because they were killed but because they wont know things like growing up getting married having their own children and grand children they wont become the president or develop the cure for cancer they just wont. they could have but now wont. God holds them in his hands. God has plans for them all I know. But I still think its cruel that God would take small children. I'm sure many parents are asking God why as well. But we will still pray, and hope and start anew. But the fear will be there stronger now. More and more parents will wonder should I send my child to school or teach them at home? People say he was sick...People say he was a Monster. They say he had a split personality and wasn't taking his medication. He was probably sick and was a monster for sure when he killed those children. Everyone has an opinion. No one knows for sure. Police hope to piece it together for some kind of answer but Im not sure they will find one. I hope they do for the peace of the parents who lost those children.

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