Friday, December 07, 2012

Uh sorry?


Sorry about the break in blogging.......I got the cold my grandkids had and it took me down HARD! I'm not quit over it yet but better!
The cold isn't helping my arthritis either so my fingers are stiff and a little hard to manage. I was hoping by working (playing) on Face book that it would keep me nimble but no such luck. Then last night it was a very bad night Hip and back hurt Plus the arthritis so I ended up using a pain pill which I try not to use but some time just have to.  Daughter has been helping me at least once a week doing my pots and pans, i can usually load dishwasher but pots and pans I cant stand long enough for.
I used my pitance of a settlement and bought a rocker/recliner love seat. I probably should have got a mattress for our bed so Mr Gab and I can sleep together again.....or a scooter so I can get around better. But if you had seen  our old couch you'd understand why we got the loveseat .
I am so wishin we had gotten to Fl this year this cold weather sure isnt helping me. I swear the colder it gets outside the worse I get. Here in the house most days I wear shorts because I get to hot.....then I get to cold and put on jeans which then makes me to hot again. Back and forth till Im sick. UGH!
and then comes the grand sons...with their colds, flu and what nots and I'm sick again.
In fact Jeremy is home today with the Flu so I probably will get sick this weekend! never ending circle. Ah the joys of being a mom then grandma!

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