Friday, November 30, 2012

Was gonna

I was gonna post something here, something I was very strong opinionated about but then I realized every one has their own opinion about stuff so I cant be mad! And what difference does it make to you you believe that way you believe and they believe what they believe. Once someone "knows" what they think they know you can talk till your blue in the face and they probably wont change their minds. Too many have the wrong information and too many heard the wrong stuff and then formed their own opinion based on the wrong information. So with that said I wont say any thing. But I will say Im happy with my choice and I also heard about the bad stuff but stopped to hear the right stuff then formed my opinion from that!

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G-Man said...

Gabby, no matter what, you'll never change anyones opinion on anything.
Especially Religion and politics.
Thanks for stopping by and being such a good friend....G