Thursday, November 01, 2012



I over did it!

And this morning I added to what I had already done yesterday by getting up peeling potatoes and eggs for potato salad. Then when I got the potato salad in the fridge to cool I started squash. By the time I sat back down again I could tell I was in trouble.
Not only did my back hurt but my upper legs hurt, my arms hurt and my hands hurt!
The arthritis kicked in and decided today was the day to add to my pain and so I had to deal with that as well.
I know better! BUT know as I sat in their very comfy chair at the nail salon getting my nails done I didn't notice my back. Then when I got up and went to the Beauty shop next door to get my hair cut I didn't have to sit in a bad chair for long and the chair you sit in for getting cut (styled and everything else) wasn't that bad either. SO I didn't notice it much till I came home. Then sliding out of the Durango I knew I was gonna pay for it. I then had to make a quick trip to the dollar store to buy candles for grand kids pumpkins and while I was standing there in line my legs started shaking so badly I thought I was gonna land on my face before I got out of there.
and when I got home I sat in my recliner and put the heating pad on my back and didn't move till bed time. It was then as I was relaxing all the way into dream land that my body was letting me know I had over done it.
But I had promised Mr Gab that I would make this for lunch today as I had already put it off from yesterday so I had to make it.'
We are trying Dinner at lunch time to see if it helps Mr Gab sleep better before he works the over night shift.
Which was why I was making this stuff early in the morning.
After all was made/cooked and Mr Gab made the steaks we ate our meal (which by the way he was very nice and made me up a plate) I took the whole afternoon off and just rested! Tomorrow I will need to do the dishes but that will be tomorrow!

Here are the boys pumpkins:
Top pumpkin is Jeremys big pumpkin from grandma and grandpa.
next is Aaron's
Next is Logan's
next is Jeremy's little pumpkin he got with his Big's
and last is T.J's
TJ s did a what the heck with a hammer to the back of his pumpkin's head. and of course the guts spilling outta his mouth....a little on the dark side yes but we said he could do what ever he wanted and that's what he did!

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Brian Miller said...

ha i love your boys pumpkins....they are awesome....sadly we did not even get pumpkins this year...