Saturday, November 17, 2012

I think it will be fact

I think Mr Gab and I have now decided that we will be getting a condo in Florida. Two reasons. 1) of course is our age....we are at the point we don't want to do yard work any more and just want to enjoy the out doors. and 2) I think Mr Gab is hurting more than he is letting on.
So I started to look at a few condos and I like some of them then came the shocker ....No not the price....The stairs....... just about every one had steep steps. I mean almost straight up and down step not angled like most steps. and one look at those and I said oh oh sorry nope not interested any more.
I revised my search to one level and found 5 available homes. That is not a lot. So then I tried a different area of Florida.......that one gave me 30 homes. ok better.....till I realized that some of these supposed one level homes were actually 2 levels and in a couple of cases were 3 and 4 levels but the ones for sale were on first level of building. Hummmm guess that counts right? LOL ah well I shall keep looking as we have 6 months to look.

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