Monday, November 05, 2012


So we are sitting here yesterday watching TV when there was a funny part that came on and we all were laughing.
I all of a sudden stopped got up looked around went to the kitchen looked around some more then came back into the living room and sat back in my chair with a totally funny look on my face.
My Gab looked at me like what is wrong but he didn't say anything and neither did I.

Then as we watched there was another funny part in the show and all of a sudden we all are laughing like crazy when I stopped jumped up and said "did you hear that"? Mr Gab says"hear what" I said dad and Uncle Harold! I can hear them laughing".
Mr Gab goes "yeah its you"! "WHAT"? I go "what do you mean its me"?
Dad and Uncle Harold are brothers Uncle Harold is the oldest and dad is the youngest. Both have very different laughs "BOTH HAVE PASSED ON"
So I sat there and thought about it and realised he was right I have been sounding like them. Some times I sound just like dad some times just like Uncle Harold!
I want my girly laugh tinkly sounding laugh or my outrageous loud laugh. Not my dad or my uncle Harold's laugh.
I mean I loved them both but not enough to want to laugh like them. after all I'm a girl not a guy. So yeah I dont know why but lately I have their laugh and I dont really like it. I want my laugh back.

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Walker said...

It's just them living and laughing through you