Monday, November 12, 2012


There comes a time in everyone's life when you have regrets of one kind or another.
I have had a lot lately and wonder why I even choose some of the paths I went down only to be slapped in the face or be told they wish I hadn't.
Thanksgiving is coming up....................
I AM NOT DOING IT AT MY HOUSE!!!! every year I did it at my house I bought the groceries did most of the work preparing the meal and did most of the clean up while I had my son's girlfriend sit around and watch. So I put my foot down and said NOPE NOT HAPPENING. Thing is even though we told her we'd like some help cleaning up she would A) have to go home or B) just sit there like a bump on a log and stare at us like you can't possibly mean her. BIGGEST thing that bugged the hell out of us...she wouldn't even get her own kids a plate of food! We had to do it. One year we got every ones food but their's thinking she'd take the hint and every time one of her boys asked about when they were gonna get a plate she would say you gotta wait for grandma to get it for you. OMG
I told her go ahead help your self and get the kids a plate but noooooo not her she waited till either my daughter did it I did it or grandpa broke down and got it for them which really made him mad. You don't want to make Mr Gab mad!
I even went so far to set every thing up buffet style so that every one could help them selfs and I said sit where you want except grandma and grandpa's chairs and we didn't do a prayer or anything and she still waited around for some one else to feed her kids.
Now this year we said we were going to a restaurant to eat. But daughter didn't like that so we finally agreed to go to her house so I called youngest son and asked are you and the kids and her coming for thanks giving? He said IDK you gotta call and ask her. So I text her to ask her and got no answer. SO I called son again and I'm like look we gotta know who all is coming so we know how much to buy, so he talked to her then text me back and said she wont come because they have to come all the way down here every year. So I'm like ok. But I text her and said Id come there in a heart beat if she didn't have so many steps I CAN"T DO STEPS!
But there is another reason I will never ever go to her house for any meal. its a pig sty! worse than a pig sty. YOU CAN"T IMAGINE! she has stuff every where and the cat has peed and pooed on every thing at least a dozen times. She leaves her dishes till the mold is 6 inches thick and then trys to wash it. I told son toss it out.
and the few times we have eaten at her place we have gotten so sick that I just don't want to repeat it ever again. What surprises us that CP has been there and they know how bad her place is but they give her a warning make her clean it up and that's it till next time. when she knows she has almost one to many strikes against her she moves. I keep hoping some day they will catch up with her and take the kids away but so far no luck.  So this year it will be daughters house and she has already ordered a prepared meal that we will just heat up on Thanksgiving. And I will buy a few extras that are family tradition and that will be our meal. Oldest son said him and his girlfriend will be there which is ok as long as they are sober. Hopefully next year we will either be in S.D. Or FL. at Thanksgiving!

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