Friday, November 09, 2012


We have lived here in Bloomington for 37 years and never ever had any real problems to worry about. Oh yeah there is a couple of times we worried about the sex offenders that were living down the street....Oh and there was the time we think now mind you we really didn't have much proof of the whore house 2 doors down. But you know when cars come and go at all hours and woman of all sizes shapes and ages were going in and out and wearing next to nothing PLUS the light on the porch was a red light well gee I think that spoke for itself.

Now we seem to have an arsonist running around our neighborhood. Yeah ok most of the houses are several blocks away but still way to close for comfort. So far it's been just garages that they are burning BUT who the hell knows if or when it will change to something more. several of the garages are attached to the houses but thankfully they got there and contained it to just the garages. But last week it was just up the street and this time the whole garage was a total loss. it was a super hot fire. Worse than all the others put together. Straight up the street from us they block off one end and the school bus couldnt go though and the smoke was so thick. this one really upset me alot and scared me.
I jump at every noise now and go check our garage often. and of course Im watching all over our neighborhood. I'm one of the few home during the day. I just keep praying they dont come our way. and that they catch them soon. Its been about 8 months now.

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