Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is there something wrong with me?

I just seen a commercial saying they have almost got it down to a science to exactly when you get pregnant. What ever happened to lets try to get pregnant and hope for the best? Not take this pill or this test or what ever just ok honey I want a baby its time can we try? is it in our budget (or maybe not) Why do you gotta take a test to see when to the minute you get pregnant? I like our way better you either did or didnt you took a chance a lottery if you will. And you didnt know for sure till you seen a doctor. We didnt have sticks to pee on either. We either started to feel ill or noticed that we missed a period or two and then made an appointment with the doctor and found out if we were or not and usually we were and then from their the doctor would "guess" at the due date. Just because you know the exact minute you become pregnant doesnt mean you know when this baby will be born because no matter what its still up to the baby and god! And then of course there are the ultra sounds to now tell you if your having a boy or girl. We didnt have those either we waited till we delivered.
Now let me throw something at you. Now a days people have the ultra sounds to see if its a girl or a boy right? and now a days lots of these kids are being put on drugs for problems they have adhd add whatever right? Is it possible these ultra sounds are causing this to these kids? Im just saying maybe some one should check into this! I mean I never had to put my kids on drugs they maybe should have been but they weren't!


ReBelle said...

Something to think about. Everything is getting too invasive.

G-Man said...

No...It'a not possible.
But Thanks for asking Gale..:-)