Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blank canvas

naw I'm not talking about painting a picture. Lol I cant even draw very well. I suppose I could do some abstract thing and call it a painting. But no I was more along the lines of nails. I took off the nail polish I was wearing. And my nails are blank or clean or plain. a Blank canvas if you will. As I sit looking at them wondering if I should paint them again myself, wait till tomorrow and go have them done or just leave them blank awhile my mind keeps jumping to blank canvas. My friend Jenn has done some amazing things on her nails and I wonder how hard it would be to try it myself?  Well first I'd have to go get a few things to even think of trying for one I need more polish remover. When I was removing the polish last night I realized I barely had any and was praying that I could make it last through all 10 nails! it did barely! So I'd want to get more before I tried anything spectacular because if it doesn't work I wanna make sure I can remove it and start over! Then there would be at least one other color, because you really need two to work with! Well I think so any ways. I've one color and one sparkles and yeah that would work but I was thinking more along the line of two colors with the sparkles. like blue on top and purple on bottom with sparkles all over! or maybe other way around purple on top blue on bottom and sparkles all over. or maybe one hand one way the other hand opposite. IDK thats why I have a blank canvas! well if and when I figure out what I wanna do if they come out ok I will post a picture here. other wise if you see nothing it either didnt work or I went and had them done!

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