Sunday, November 18, 2012

We have so very much to be thankful for

My Mother in law had major surgery last week. She had a tumor removed that was cancerous. And with her age is was one of those cross your fingers and pray a lot. In a way I was almost holding my breath through out the day. Then finally my sister in law posted on face book that surgery went well and mom came through it with flying colors. Mom is home now ...recovery will take a bit but it really looks good for her. I am so very happy. I don't want to loose my mother in law just yet. Yes that is selfish but I would like her here for a few more years. And I know she isn't really ready to go yet as she has much to still do. She has grand children, great grandchildren and I even think great great grandchildren! She is a very special lady and I can't thank her enough for giving birth to her son and keeping him, as she was unmarried at the time. So I am truly grateful! So this Thanksgiving I have so very much to be Thankful for .....myself my family my mother in law making it though a tough surgery and still having a home to live in.


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