Monday, October 16, 2006


One thing I learned is when you have a collection use them if you can to teach a child a lesson. I collect many different things but the one that comes to mind most that I have used over and over again is my cookie cutters. I collect all different shapes for all the holidays, the alphabet, and fun interesting ones as well. When my oldest son was 2 I put my first sets of collection to work. I had the alphabets and some holiday ones like christmas and halloween and maybe a few thanksgiving. Yes I will admit I cheated some. I went to the store and bought 2 packages of cookie dough all ready made and 2 cans of vanilla frosting. I then got some food colouring. Then we went to town(so to speak) cutting out cookies and baking them. We made sure we did the alphabet first making a couple of letters twice. then we worked on all the other shapes till we ran outta dough. after they cooled we took several little coffee cups put in some frosting and then added the food colouring to make our different colours. Then we frosted. Yes, we had more frosting on us than the cookies but it was fun. When we finished frosting them we arraigned them on the counter. We then added by J J and I got the camera and told him to get up on the chair so I could take a picture of him and his cookies. I wish I had that picture here now I would show you his work but Im sorry I dont. But it was the best fun we had together baking and frosting cookies. When the other two were old enough I did the same with them and Im currently doing it with my grandkids. See collecting can be fun!

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barman said...

Doing things together is the fun part. Look at all the wonderful memories you helped build. It is things like that that people never forget. See now you have another collection. A lovely collection of memories.