Monday, October 23, 2006


how is it one minute you can be so ding dang mad and the next laughing so hard tears are pouring down your face? Well, if you have grandkids it happens alot. you dont even have to be mad at them. You might be mad at someone who calls on the phone and when you hang up your grumbling about how can they be so stupid to think that you owe them that kind of money(just an example) and one of your grandkids come up and put their little hands on your face and say something so cute! next thing you know your laughing then crying. Believe me it happens. Yesterday I was mad at our granddaughter and made her sit on the couch next to me. Our grandson who had his tonsiles and adnoids out last week wanted a ice cream bar. Grandpa said go ahead. our little granddaughter sat there with this look on her face like she was ready to cry. I finally poked her on the shoulder and said you need to go ask grandpa for one they are his. She jumped up and went over to grandpa with this smile so big on her face and said grandpa please? grandpa said please what? she said can I have one too? Ice cream bar? grandpa said welllllll I guess so. Even though she had just been bad...but not the kind of bad that you dont deserve a ice cream bar just bad that she wasnt listening. Now her smile got wider(I didnt think that was possible) and brighter as she ran to the freezer to get a ice cream bar. Then she ate it so quickly like she was afraid that either we'd change our minds or take it away. WOW I laughed so damn hard next thing I knew I was crying. Those kids sure do know how to brighten your day no matter who your mad at!

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Dan said...

Gab, being able to ride the rollercoaster of happy, then sad, then mad, then back to happy, is one of the wonderful things about being a human.

And we couldn't appreciate how great it is to feel happy if we were never unhappy.