Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I dont understand

I have several things that are truely bothering me.....and to be honest they shouldnt.

Take number 1 for example: Woman who are married and know their husbands cheat on them and they know it yet they take em back over and over and over again. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM? they know their man will never change yet they continue to take them back. Let me tell you something If I ever found out Mr Gab cheated on me (again and again) I wouldnt want him back. You just dont know what these other woman might have....not saying that they all do but you know woman lie OH YES THEY DO!!! People ask me when I tell them my age they look at me and go oh yeah sure now whats your real age? IM SORRY ARE YOU DEAF? I JUST TOLD YOU MY REAL AGE. then they go oh well your a woman and all woman lie about their age. Well Im sorry I DONT! You wanna see my birth certificate?
So I guess if Mr Gab had been cheating more than once(once I might be able to forgive,) but more than that NO FREAKING WAY!!!!

Ok now that thats off my mine sorta....lets get to number 2

NUMBER 2: Now this is a biggie......yeah yeah cheating husbands and the stupid wifes who take them back is big but this is ridiculous.........
So yesterday I called to check on price of two of my prescriptions......One was nice and cheap...$10.00 I can scrap that up. Then the second one I ALMOST CRAPPED MY PANTS!!!!
90 days $765.00 I said is that will your savers card? No she said its $602.00 with card. So then I said what does a 30 day one cost? She said $295.00 I said guess I wont be getting those refilled any time soon!!!!! GOOD LORD ARE THEY MADE OUTTA GOLD? CAUSE GOD IF THEY ARE WHY THEY HELL AM I SWALLOWING THEM?
this so totally stinks.


G-Man said...

Viagara's are 20 Bucks a piece!!

Walker said...

Drugs are expensive.
That's why illegal ones are such a hit.

As for the first part.
I know many a wife personally so maybe that explain why they take their husbands back.
They are no better.
Condemn them they condemn themselves.