Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seriously I gotta do something about it!


My favorites box is so full it takes me almost an hour to get through every thing. Serious! I've got stuff in there that I wanted to check out later when I wasn't busy but never got back to it. There is stuff so old in there the links don't even work any more. I was looking for something (scratches head and wonders did I find it?) and started scrolling down my favorites list. Then I thought well why don't I make some folders and put together stuff that are alike.....Riiiiiiiight? Ok so I make a new folder and I start adding stuff....then for some reason I went back to look at something in that folder and found it didn't work any more so ok I deleted it. So then I thought well I guess I better check all the links to see what does and does not work. In the middle of doing this I got disturbed by grandson #1. While I was helping him Mr. Gab yelled for something (he was in bathroom) so I went to check out what he needed. Got finished came back to computer and the lists and low and behold the Mormons come to the door. So I close down laptop chat with them for a bit. When they left granddaughter #1's mom texted and asked it I could come get granddaughter for the weekend. So I went and got dressed (yes I was dressed sorta I had on shorts and an old t not the kinda clothes you'd wear out in 17 above weather) and ran to get granddaughter. Got home grabbed laptop and thought oh yeah Ive got stuff on FB ready I best get to it or I'll loose it. So I started playing FB then Daughter shows up with other 3 grandsons and well lets just say I never got back to sorting my favorites till tonight then I seen the time and thought OH HELL NO I GOTTA GO TO BED! So what do I do instead? Post here of course! LOL Have a good night

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VE said...

Yes...I MIGHT be back...