Thursday, January 06, 2011


Ok....well looks like this year is gonna be a bitch! My oldest sister had taken my youngest sister to court over dad's estate. She lost. So now she has a new lawyer and my youngest sister now got a letter saying she has to stop selling dad's stuff. What? Are you kidding? DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT MONEY WOULD HELP US? just because your daughter lives in Calif and makes good money and her father is filthy rich and your not hurting either doesnt mean the rest of us arent. Im sorry but I didnt go out and "pose" for Playboy and make a small bundle. So geeze give us a break we are normal every day middle to lower class people. ok no one is normal but for god sake WE DO have to worry about money.
One of these days Im gonna post A HNT post.....and one of these days I will laugh my butt off to believe I actually posted a HNT!
But for everyone else who does HNT, HAPPY HNT!

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Walker said...

Some people are just to greedy and would rather waste money on lawyers than just take what they got coming to them.