Saturday, January 12, 2013


So the other day Mr Gab brought home donuts......usually that doesn't bother me I let grand kids eat them as their treat. But then he told me there was a donut that had slivered almonds on top. Right away memories of dad and I sharing one of those donuts flooded me and I asked him to bring me that donut. He asked if I was sure as I had been trying to eat healthier but I just had to have that donut. I said yes.
As I sat there eating that donut the cat sleeping on my chest woke up and started grabbing for pieces of donut. I said "Hey you dumb cat donuts aren't good for cats!" But he kept trying to get some anyways.
And I didn't count on his paws being faster than my hands pushing him away as he managed to grab some right outta my mouth! and every single little piece that dropped on my shirt he snapped up like he hadn't eaten in 6 months.
After I was done I sat there thinking of all the times I ate one of those donuts with my dad.Most of the time I would be at work with dad and we'd share his lunch when we got to the donut he would pull out his pocket knife and cut the said donut in half and give me my half. Now in my memories of these times something flashed in my head..........that pocket knife!!!!!! OMG dad used that knife on everything. He would use it to gap the spark plugs on his car. He would scrap off the corrosion of the battery in the car. he would dig out slivers in his hand and or fingers he also would use it to pop open any thing that had pus in. good god the things he used that pocket knife for and for the most part all he did was take out his handkerchief and wipe it off and god only knows what he used the Handkerchief for!!!! Then the next memory that came for said pocket knife was the time I washed dads pants......I was standing in the basement and I was going through his pockets and I got to the one with his pocket knife had screws....nails....washers.....dirt.....greasy something......dirt..........pocket knife.....more dirt......saw dust........coin purse.....loose coins! I pulled it all out and put it all on the kitchen table we had in the basement just for this purpose and then dropped the pants into the washer. I then went over to dad's work bench and grabbed the bucket and carried it to the table. There I took out the coins and coin purse and his pocket knife and the rest I pushed into that bucket. I carried it back to dad's work bench so it was there next time he was down there working. I would put loose coins in my pocket and carry the rest into dad's bedroom and place on his bed. Now this memory brought back the next one.......Dad also had a coffee can next to the kitchen table with screws nails washers nuts and who knows what minus dirt and greasy something. Where at any point at dinner he would push his plate forward to middle of table grab said coffee can and spill some on table to look for what ever. I know I used that can many times myself when I wanted to hang something in my room. So then of course can my next sitting at table drinking his tea......he would take tea bag out squeeze out all the water and tea and wrap string around bag then said is it open? One of us would check out garbage can and either say yes or no wait a sec while we removed the top. After giving the all clear dad would toss tea bag across table and into can yelling score! Some times he would try it with a paper towel most times that missed and one of us would have to pick it up and toss it where it belonged.
All these memories over a donut!
and to think he used that "DIRTY POCKET KNIFE TO CUT MINE" and in those days we didn't seem to notice or care!

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Yvonne Osborne said...

That's nice. He sounds like a really neat dad.